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1.Andes :South America
2.Himalayas :Karakoram :Hindukush :South Central Asia
3.Rockies :North America
4.Great Dividing Range :East Australia
5.Western Ghats :Western India 
6.Caucasus Europe :Asia
7.Alaska :USA
8.Alps :Europe
9.Apennines :Europe
10.Ural :Asia
11.Pennines :Europe
12.Pyrenees :Europe :
13.Appalachian :North America
14.Atlas : Africa
15.Kilimancharo : Africa
16.Appalechian : America
17.Ural :Europe
18.Alps :Europe
19.Karpathyan :Europe
20.Mount Eribus : Antartica

Top 25 Confusing General knowledge Questions

1. Which is the most abundant metal present in
earth’s surface ?
Answer: Aluminum
2. Which is the most abundant metal present in
earth ?
Answer: Iron
3. Which country has the oldest National Flag ?
Answer: Denmark
4. which country has the oldest national
anthem ?
Answer: Japan
5. Where is National Defense College situated ?
Answer: New Delhi
6. Where is National Defense Academy (NDA)
situated ?
Answer: Khadakwasla (Pune)
7. Where is Indian Military Academy situated ?
Answer: Dehradun
8. Who is the First American president who
won the Nobel Prize ?
Answer: Theodore Roosevelt
9. Who is the First Russian president who won
the Nobel Prize ?
Answer: Mikhail Gorbachev
10. Which is the largest lake in the world ?
Answer: Caspian Sea
11. Which is the Largest Fresh Water Lake in
the world ?
Answer: Lake Superior
12. Which place is known as land of rising
sun ?
Answer: Japan
13. Which place is known as land of setting
sun ?
Answer: Britain
14. Which place is known as land of midnight
sun ?
Answer: Norway
15. Heart and soul of the constitution ?
Answer: Article 32
16. Necessary evil in the Constitution ?
Answer: Article 22
17. Who discovered the Harappan site Lothal ?
Answer: S.R.Rao
18. Who discovered the Harappan site
Kalibangan ?
Answer: A. Ghosh
19. Who translated Arthashastra in to English ?
Answer: R. Shamasastry
20. Who translated Bhagavad Gita in to
English ?
Answer: Charles Wilkins
21. Who translated Manusmá¹›ti in to English ?
Answer: William Jones
22. Who translated Gita Govinda in to English ?
Answer: William Jones
23. Who translated Abhinjana Shakunthalam in
to English ?
Answer: William Jones
24. Who is the First president of Chinese
republic ?
Answer: Sun Yat-Sen
25. Who is the First Chairman of Chinese
republic ?
Answer: Mao Tse-tung


1. What is the minimum age needed to become a President of India? – 35
2. What is the maximum age limit for the President? - No age limits
3. Who was the first president of India? - Dr. Rajendra Prasad
4. Who is the first Muslim president of India? - Zakir Hussain
5. Who is the first president to declare national emergency? - Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
6. Who is known as the Philosopher President of India? - Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
7. Who is the first Indian president to die in office? - Zakir Hussain
8. Who is the youngest President of India? - Neelam Sanjiva Reddy
9. In which year Supreme Court of India came into force? - 1950 January 28
10. Who is the first chief Justice of India?- Heeralal J Kania
11. Which article in Indian Constitution gives the power of Writ jurisdiction to Supreme court? - Article 32
12. What is the monthly salary of chief Justice of Supreme court? - 1 lakh
13. What is the monthly salary of judge of Supreme court? - 90,000
14. Who is the first female judge of supreme court? - Fathima Beevi
15. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Fundamental Rights? - America (USA)
16. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Supreme Court? - America (USA)
17. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Preamble? - America (USA)
18. From Which country India Borrowed Written Constitution? - America (USA)
19. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Fundamental Duties? - Russia (USSR)
20. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Speaker in Lok Sabha? - Britain (UK)
21. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Parliamentary Election? - Britain (UK)
22. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed 'Suspension of Fundamental Rights during the Emergency'? – Germany
23. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Concurrent list? – Australia
24. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Union - State List? – Canada
25. From Which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Amendment of the Constitution? - South Africa
26. Which amendment is known as Mini constitution? - 42nd amendment (1976)
27. In which amendment did Right to property is removed from the Fundamental Rights? - 44th amendment (1978)
28. In which amendment did the voting age is lowered from 21 to 18? - 61st amendment (1989)
29. Which amendment lead to the creation of Panchayat Raj? - 73st amendment (1992)
30. Which article is known as Heart and Soul of the Constitution? - Article 32
31. Article 17 of the Indian Constitution provides for? - Abolition of Untouchability
32. Fundamental Right are granted to citizens under which Article? - Article 12 to 35
33. 'Right to Equality' is guaranteed to the citizens of India under Article? - Article 14
34. Which article has banned employment of children below the age of 14 in hazardous industries and factories? - Article 24
35. Which article deals with the free and compulsory education to all children below 14 years of age? - Article 45
36. Which is the Article that provides special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir? - Article 370
37. Which Article relates to the establishment of Finance Commission? - Article 280
38. Which Article deals with the Fundamental Duties? - Article 51 A
39. India become a republic on? - January 26, 1950
40. What is the maximum time interval between two successive sessions of the parliament? - Six months
41. In our constitution Education is included in the ____ list? - Concurrent List
42. Who is the first Acting president of India? - V.V Giri
43. Which article proclaims, India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States? -Article 1
44. By elections to any House of Parliament or any State Legislative Assembly is held within - 6 months
45. Who was the first CAG of India? - V. Narahari Rau
46. Who is the custodian and guardian of the rights and privileges of the Members? – Speaker
47. Who is known as the ‘Father of Local Self Government in India’? - Lord Ripon
48. Preamble is known as - The Soul of Indian Constitution
49. When was the first session of the Constituent Assembly held? - 9 December, 1946
50. Under which Plan was the Constituent Assembly constituted? - Cabinet Mission Plan
51. Who was the President of the Constituent Assembly? - Dr. Rajandra Prasad
52. Who was the Chairman of the Drafting Committee? - B R. Ambedkar
53. When was the drafting of the Indian Constitution completed and adopted? -26 November, 1949
54. When was the Constitution of India put into effect? - 26 January, 1950
55. Who adopted the National Flag of India? - The Constituent Assembly (July 1947)
56. Who set forth the main objectives of the Constituent Assembly in the form of the Objective Resolution? - Jawaharlal Nehru
57. How is the President of India elected? - By Electoral College
58. Who presides over the session of the Rajya Sabha? - The Vice-President of India
59. Who appoints the Governors of States? - The President of India
60. What is the total number of members in the Lok Sabha? – 552
61. What is the number of elected members in the Lok Sabha? – 530
62. How many members constitute the Rajya Sabha? - 250

Important Information about Human Body

1.Biggest Organ : Skin
2.Heart Beat :72 times in a minute
3.Master Gland : Pituitary
4.Number of Bone : 206 bones
5.Number of Muscles : 640 (approximately)
6.Number of chromosomes: 46 or 23 pairs
7.Normal Blood Pressure : 80 to 120
8.Teeth: 32
9.Volume of Blood: About 7 litres in normal body or about 7% of the total body
10.Largest; Part of human Brain: Cerebrum
11.Regeneration capacity of the lowest in the brain
12.The rigid part of the body of the tooth enamel
13.Parotid gland is the largest salivary gland
14.The normal body temperature is 98 .4 * Fahrenheit (37 * C)
15.The average amount of haemoglobin: 12- 15
16.The smallest White Blood Cell lymphocyte
17.The biggest White Blood Cell Monocyte
18.120 day life span of RBCs
19.The capillary tube method is for :Blood clotting
20.Omnibus blood group AB
21. Universal Donor blood group O
22.Normal blood pressure is 120/80 Hga

Disease caused by Worms:

Disease caused by Worms:
1. Tapeworn - They are intestinal parasites. It cannot live live on its own. It survives within the intestine of an animal including human.
2. Filariasis - It is caused by thread-like filarial nematode worms. Most cases of filaria are caused by the parasite known as Wuchereria bancrofti.
3. Pinworm - It is caused by small, thin, white roundworm called Enterobius vermicularis.

Disease caused by Protozoans:

Disease caused by Protozoans:
1. Malaria - It is spread by Anopheles mosquitoes. The Plasmodium parasite that causes malaria is neither a virus nor a bacteria - it is a single-celled parasite that multiplies in red blood cells of humans.
2. Amoebic dysentery - It is caused by Entamoeba histolytica.
3. Sleeping sickness - It is caused by Trypanosoma brucei.
4. Kala azar - It is caused by Leishmania donovani.

Disease caused by Bacteria

Disease caused by Bacteria:
1. Whooping Cough - It is caused by a bacterium called Bordetella pertussis.
2. Diphtheria - It is caused by Corynebacterium diphtheriae.
3. Cholera - It is caused by Vibrio cholerae.
4. Leprosy - It is caused by Mycobacterium leprae.
5. Pneumonia - It is caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae.
6. Tetanus - It is caused by Clostridium tetani.
7. Typhoid - It is caused by Salmonella typhi.
8. Tuberculosis - It is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
9. Plague - It is caused by Yersinia pestis.

# List # of # Diseases # caused # by # Virus

# List # of # Diseases # caused # by # Virus
Disease caused by Viruses:
1. Chicken pox - It is caused by Varicella-zoster virus.
2. Small Pox - It is caused by Variola virus.
3. Common Cold - It is caused by Rhinovirus.
4. AIDS (Acquired Immunono Deficiency Syndrome) - It is caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).
5. Measles - It is caused by Measles virus.
6. Mumps - It is caused by Mumps virus.
7. Rabies - It is caused by Rabies virus (Rhabdoviridae family).
8. Dengue fever - It is caused by Dengue virus.
9. Viral encephalitis - It is an inflammation of the brain. It is caused by rabies virus, Herpes simplex, polio virus, measles virus, and JC virus

Most Confusing GK Pointers -

# 1.
Polio Vaccines was discovered by – Jonas E Salk
Oral Polio Vaccines was discovered by – Albert Bruce Sabin
# 2.
Nilgiri hill – A Residual or Dissected Mountains
Himalayas (Asia ) – A Fold mountain
# 3.
Chemical Name of Epsom salt – Magnesium Sulphate
Chemical Name of Glauber’s Salt – Sodium sulphate decahydrate
# 4.
Largest Flower – Rafflesi

Largest Flower in India – Sapria
# 5.
Red Colour Glass contains – Copper oxide (CuO)
Ruby Red colour Glass contains – Goldchloride (AuCl3)
# 6.
The three Musketeers ( A book wrote by ) – Alexandre Dumas
The three Mistakes ( A Book wrote by ) – Chetan Bhagat
# 7.
The Heart of India – Wrote by Mark Tully
A Passage to India – Wrote by EM Forster
# 8.
INSAS (Full form) – Indian Small Arms System
INSAT (Full form) – Indian National Satellite
# 9.
Monomers of Nylon 6,6 – Adipic acid + Hexamethylene diamine
Monomers of Nylon 6 or Perlon - Caprolactum
# 10.
ECG ( Electro Cardio gram ) – William Einthoven
EEG ( Electroencephalogram ) – Hans Berger
# 11.
Feature of Tropical Wet Evergreen – Dense forest , tall trees
Feature of Tropical Dry Evergreen - Presence of Canopy , low height about 9-12 m
# 12.
Intensity of Shaking is measured on the Modified – Mercalli Scale
Intensity of Earthquake waves is recorded by – Seismograph
# 13.
India Reforms Association – Founded by Keshab Chandra Sen
Madras Hindu Association – Founded by Verisalingam Pantah
Cyclones of the world –
Tropical Cyclone – Indian Ocean
Hurricanes – Caribbean Sea
Tornadoes – USA
Willy Willies – Northern Australia

Important Muslim Emperors of India..

1. Razia Sultan (1236-1240) -only woman ever crowned in the Delhi Sultanate
2. Jalauddin Firuz Khilji (1290-1296) -founded Khilji dynasty.
3. Ala-ud-din Khilji (1296-1316) - second ruler of the Khilji dynasty
4. Bahlul Lodhi (1451-1489) - founded the Lodhi dynasty
5. Sikander Lodhi (1489-1517) - Son of Bahlul Lodhi ( introduced the Gaz-i-Sikandar of 32 digits for measuring cultivated fields.)
6. Ibrahim Lodhi (1517-1526) - Son of Sikandar Lodhi and the last king and Last Sultan of Delhi.
7. Babur (1526-1530) - succeeded in laying the basis for the Mughal dynasty in the Indian subcontinent and became the first Mughal emperor.
8. Humayun (1530-1536) - second Mughal Emperor
9. Akbar (1556-1605) -The third and the greatest ruler of the Mughal Dynasty.
10. Jahangir (1605-1627) -The most distinguished achievement of Jahangir was his victory over Mewar.
11. Shah Jahan (1628-1658) - Fifth Mughal Emperor of India.
12. Aurangzeb (1658-1707) - sixth Mughal Emperor , ruled for almost 50 years


1. Which is the host country of 31st edition of Summer Olympics?
Answer: Brazil
2. How many countries participated in the Rio Olympics 2016?
Answer: 205
3. How many sporting disciplines were held during the Summer Olympics 2016?
Answer: 42
4. What is the theme and motto of 31st Summer Olympics?
Answer: World Peace and Environment is the theme and A New World is the motto
5. Name the Mascot of Rio Olympics 2016?
Answer: Vinicius
6. Who is the Indian Flag Bearer at the opening ceremony of 31st summer Olympics on 5th August, 2016?
Answer: AbhinavBindra (Shooting)
7.Who is the first Indian medallist at Rio Olympics?
Answer:Sakshi Malik (Bronze, 58 Kg Freestyle Wrestling)
8. Who is the first Indian Woman to win a Silver medal and the first Indian shuttler to reach the Final?
Answer: PV Sindhu(Silver, Women's Single Badminton)
9. How many Indian Athletes participated in 31st Summer Olympics, Brazil?
Answer: 117
10. Which is the Largest Olympic Team of 2016 Rio Olympics?
Answer: USA (554 athletes)
11. Which is the Smallest Olympic Team of 2016 Rio Olympics?
Answer: South Pacific Nation of Tuvalu (1 athletes)
12. Who won the first Gold Medal at Rio Olympic?
Answer: Virginia Thrasher (Women's 10 meter air rifle, USA)
13. Name the athlete who won highest Individual Medal at Rio 2016?
Answer: Michael Phelps (Swimmer) (6 Medals: Gold- 5, Silver-1, USA)
14. The countries who won their first-ever medal at Olympics were
Answer: Fiji, Jordan and Kosovo all of them claimed gold
15.Which country topped the medal tally at Rio Olympics 2016?
Answer: USA (46 Gold, 37 Silver and 38 Bronze)
16. Who is the Youngest athlete of 2016 Rio Olympics?
Answer: Meet Gaurika Singh (13-Year Old, Swimmer, Nepal)
17. Who is the Youngestathlete to win Gold Medal?
Answer: RenQian (15-Year Old, Women's 10m Platform Diving Event)
18. What are the New Sports Events at Rio Olympics 2016?
Answer: Golf, Rugby
19. Who is the India's Flag-bearer at Closing Ceremony at Summer Olympics 2016?
Answer: Sakshi Malik
20.Headquarter of Indian Olympic Association (IOA) is located at
Answer: New Delhi
21. Who is the President of Indian Olympic Association (IOA)?
Answer: NarayanaRamachandran
22. Who is the General Secretary of Indian Olympic Association (IOA)?
Answer: Rajeev Mehta
23. In which stadium the Opening & Closing Ceremony of 31st Rio Olympics held?
Answer: Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
24.Headquarter of International Olympic Committee (IOC) is located at
Answer: Lausanne, Switzerland
25. Who is the President of International Olympic Committee (IOC)?
Answer: Thomas Bac

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 WORLD PRESS FREEDOM INDEX  133  topped by finalnd
 GLOBAL COMPETITIVE INDEX  55  topped by Switzerland
 GLOBAL PEACE INDEX  141  topped by Iceland
 CORRUPTION INDEX  76  topped by Denmark
 WORLD HAPPINESS INDEX  118  topped by Denmark
 WORLD BANK EASE of DOING BUSINESS  130  topped by Singapore
 GLOBAL HUNGER INDEX  55  topped by Central African Republic
 HUMAN DEVELOPMENT INDEX  130  topped by Norway
 WORLD BANK LOGISTICS INDEX  35  topped by Germany
 WORLD ECONOMIC FREEDOM INDEX  112  topped by Hong-Kong
 GLOBAL INNOVATION INDEX  66  topped by Switzerland
✔ WORLD RISK INDEX ➡ 77 ➡ topped by island of Vanuatu
✔ FDI INFLOWS ➡ 10 ➡ topped by USA
✔ GOOD COUNTRY INDEX ➡ 70 ➡ topped by Sweden
✔ CRONY CAPITALISM INDEX ➡ 9 ➡ topped by Russia
✔ Attractiveness Index Of Renewable Energy ➡ 3 ➡ topped by USA
✔ GLOBAL CONNECTIVITY INDEX ➡ 44 ➡ topped by Sweden


1. India, France ink deal for 36 Rafale fighter jets
2. Union Government to launch Mission Parivar Vikas for improved family planning services
3. India and Russia joint military exercise Indra 2016 begins
4. Indian Air Force successfully test fires long range air-to-air MICA missile
5. Tamil film Visaranai selected as India’s official entry to Oscars 2017
6. Hindi and Urdu writer Reoti Saran Sharma passes away
7. World’s largest solar power plant commissioned at Kamudhi, Tamil Nadu
8. NITI Aayog chalks up plan to secure 50 medals in 2024 Olympics